Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Emily Maynard-Bachelorette 3

     So I have a confession to make, I have not watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette in years. Yes, I know I am way behind the times. Several Mondays ago I ran across the Bachelorette, staring Emily Maynard, while I was waiting on my wonderful Monday night show to start Bethenny Ever After. After watching for about 30 minutes I really started hoping that she would find “True Love” on the show. Emily seems to be such a sweet, genuine and real person.

If you have not watched the Bachelorette already then here is a quick rundown on Emily Maynard:

·         Fiancée died in plane crash in 2004

·         Couple of weeks later found out she was pregnant with his baby

·         Winner of last season’s Bachelor show and got engaged to Brad Womack 

·         Broke that off and now she is the Bachelorette 

Now that I am pulling for Emily I figured that I should just blog about what happens each Monday night on the Bachelorette.
    Last night’s episode opened my eyes about some of the guys. Of course I am totally pulling for Arie and Sean. On the other hand, Ryan is very nice on the eyes, but he is becoming over-confident and I am really beginning to question his intentions for being on the show.

    My top pick Arie is definitely the one to beat. When Emily described him as someone who initially reminded her of her daughter’s father….The other boys might as well pack their bags. The date between Emily and Arie was so perfect and Dolly Parton gave them some pretty good advice. BUT WAIT….What about the make out session they had during the pre-rose ceremony party?? The other guys were very jealous. 

    The second runner up would be Sean. He is reliable, faithful and adorable. I think Emily would do just fine with a fellow like Sean. Another reason I like Sean is because I honestly believe that he would be a wonderful father to Emily’s daughter Ricki.  Sean even played on that heart string last night when he told Emily “I’d be Ricki’s father”.

     Kalon and Alessandro were the jerks of the night. Kalon is condescending. Too bad she did not kick his butt off last night. She stood up for herself and called him on it… You go girl! When Alessandro called her daughter a compromise I knew he was done for. 

      I hope that my run through of last night’s show will get you guys interested in watching the Bachelorette ever Monday night starting at 8:00 pm!! 

Leave a comment and let me know if you are watching on Monday nights and let me know what you think about the guys.

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