Thursday, May 31, 2012

Things I LOVE Thursday…..

So many great things have happened this week that deciding what to include in the Thursday LOVES is kind of hard, but l will give it a shot.

Today I LOVE: 


Russell and Carlton goofing off at work!!
Yes, I know that I am 23 years old and you all are probably wondering why I still have a summer job….. Well here is the reason I ABSOLUTELY LOVE working as a lifeguard at our local city pool. For many of you, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, but for me the first day that I work at the pool marks the beginning of summer. Over the past five years I have made so many new friends, received free highlights from the sun and baked in the sun for hours.



This past week Damon and I went to our nearest Target store to look for lamps for the living room. After spending way too much time in the lamp aisle, Damon and I could not agree with each other on lamps. So, needless to say, I thought the trip to pick out lamps was a bust. I was just not willing to believe that there was not a set of lamps that we liked in this whole store. WAIT…as I was digging through the clearance items I spotted two lamps just sitting there. I loved them they were wrought iron and really unique. I quickly scooped both lamps up and went in search for Damon. I found him, and to my surprise he loved the lamps as well. Damon and I deciding on the same pair of lamps was the first plus, but the second plus was that the lamps were on clearance and rang up for $10.98. Yep that’s right only $11 for a lamp. Best buy of the day.

(oreo truffles)

By the name you all are probably wondering if you are reading the right blog, but yes you are in the right place. Damon and I made some monkey balls and OH, HOW I LOVE THEM! If you are wondering what monkey balls are I will explain; they are Oreos and cream cheese mixed together dipped in white chocolate. If you have never tried them I highly suggest you try them and fast. You do not know what you are missing!
Here is a link to the recipe and directions. 

Hope you guys have enjoyed Things I LOVE Thursday! 

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