Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things I LOVE Thursday

Hey Everyone! This Thursday is really exciting…

I’m super excited about some of the new things on Pink Lemonade! I have been making some updates to Pink Lemonade in an attempt to make it more user friendly.


kind of fuzzy

Up in the top right corner above my picture I have created three new YELLOW buttons. What do they do you ask? Well, the buttons help you follow me and Pink Lemonade on social networks like: Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. When you click on the “F” it takes you to Pink Lemonade’s facebook, when you click on the “P” it takes you to my pinterest account so you can follow and when you click on the “T” it takes you to my NEW Twitter account. Yes, I finally got a Twitter! 

 Burt’s Bees’ 

I am so in LOVE with Burt’s Bees’ Beeswax Lip Balm! Just now, as I am writing this post, I reached into my bag and applied some of this wonderful Lip Balm to my lips. I know that Burt’s Bees’ has been out for a while, but I just cannot get over how much I love the way this lip balm makes my lips feel. It soothes, cools and refreshes your lips ever time you use it.  I use this lip balm all year round; in the winter when you lips get wind chapped and even during the summer when the sun burns my lips. Burt’s Bees’ not only carries eight different tips of lip balm, but also face, body, hair, baby, toothpaste, and outdoor care products. All of Burt’s Bees’ products use natural ingredients. If you are not using Burt’s Bees’ Products you are missing out!!


OK everyone, if you like to edit photos and do not want to pay for a site to edit your wonderful non-professional photos, Picmonkey is a wonderful new site that I just ran across the other night. On Picmonkey you can even make collages. The buttons above were edited on Picmonkey. Hope you will check it out and enjoy!  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bachelorette 7

The Bachelorette was in Prague this week.

Starting the show tonight Arie got the first solo date. The solo date revolved around the whole issue with Arie and the producer. Emily knew about it before the solo date and I feel like she played around with him during the causal part of the solo date. I wish Emily would have been more up front with Arie, like she was when Kalon called her daughter “baggage”.  

I do not believe that the whole issue with Arie knowing the producer was a big deal. They had a short relationship ten years ago and I felt he really did not feel like he was hiding it from her. I feel like this issue took a lot of the episode and it was not even that big of a deal. But I am really glad that Emily came to her senses and her feelings did not change towards Arie.  

During the formal part of Emily and Arie’s solo date…
I felt that Arie was being very honest when he dropped the “L” word on Emily.
 The next solo date was with John. Watching the whole date was just painful. The whole story about his ex-girlfriend was just a little crazy.
Back at the house Chris was going a little crazy about not being with Emily. I feel like he might have a little bit of a meltdown later.
Maybe all the guys are starting to go crazy… let’s take Sean, who was running around Prague shouting out Emily like a crazy man. I feel that Arie may have some competition with Sean. (Secretly I wish that Sean would not have found her.)
Ok guys, the whole group date was just as painful to watch as John’s solo date. Why not just pick Arie and be done with it….Haha!
On the group date Doug got sent home. Why didn’t she just send Doug home the night before at the rose ceremony?
Chris not getting the rose on the group date almost sent him over the edge.
The solo date with Jef was kind of ok. If the boy has to use a puppet to talk to her about his feelings what happens if they get married. Wait, I need to tell you something, but I do not have my puppet with me.
INTERRUPTION: DID ANYONE SEE EMILY’S SHOES ON THEIR DATE?? The shoes were so cute!! Black boots with tassels.
The whole laying on the floor in the library was just so romantic. I am a big fan that dates can be very romantic without making a big deal about it.  Being spontaneous is the best kind of romance.
Emily choosing to not have a cocktail party before the rose ceremony was a very smart move on her part. I’m not so sure it was good for Chris.  I thought he was going to have a mental breakdown right there during the rose ceremony.
Right before Chris was about to have a mental break down he interrupted Emily and they went and talked for a few minutes. When they came back to the rose ceremony Emily gave her last rose to Chris and John was sent home.

Next week: Emily goes home to visit the families of the four guys that are left. I am very excited and can’t wait to watch next week’s episode! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pinterest Love on Monday

Happy Monday!! I hope that everyone had an excellent Monday.

Mondays are usually busy and I barely get to blog on Mondays, but today I have just a little bit of time before the Bachelorette and thought why not post some of my favorite finds on Pinterest.

How fun would it be to host a “Favorite Things Party”? I really want to host one soon. If you might be interested in being involved in one of these parties let me know. I also want to host a “Swapping Party”! This is where you bring items that you do not really want any more, but are in still in good condition and everyone at the party swaps items. 

 Click below to find out more

I absolutely love the color of the table, the vintage look and the mix with the modern lamps. 

Here we go again with the metal baskets. I love this cute basket with all the cook books in it. 

Click below to check out A bowl of lemons. Lots of cool ideas!

These star burlap door hangers are so cute! I really want to give making these a try. 

Click below to find the tutorial

Friday, June 22, 2012

25 before 25

     Hey everyone, it is finally FRIDAY!!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and here is a post to get you guys thinking about your own life over the weekend.

       In a year and a half I will be turning 25. I have always wondered what I would be like at the age of 25 and what sort of things I would have accomplished. The next year and a half will go by faster than I know it and I do not want the time to pass me by. So I created a list of 25 things I would like to accomplish before I turn 25. Here we go….

25 before 25

1. Get a big girl job
2. Go on a cruise
3. Go skinny dipping
4. Get a tattoo
5. Volunteer to help the sea turtles at Jekyll Island
6. Road trip across America
7. Become closer to God
8. Read more books
9. Get my Masters
10. Entertain more at our home
11. Go camping
12. Buy a MAC
13. Get my passport
14. LOVE myself more!
15. Eat dinner alone in a restaurant
16. Learn to cook more dishes
17. Send out Christmas cards
18. Be healthier
19. Visit Hershey, Pennsylvania
20. Be more open minded
21. Adopt an animal from a rescue shelter
22. Take an art class
23. Learn to sew
24. Forgive
25. Do more volunteer work
Do not let your life pass you by! Get out and do something exciting, crazy or just plain fun this weekend!!

Things I LOVE Thursday….

Last week I missed posting Things I LOVE Thursday due to being super busy. That means that this week’s Things I LOVE Thursday will be kind of BIG!


I may not be very good at blogging. My blog may not be that exciting and my blog may not be that pretty, but I absolutely LOVE blogging. Blogging gives me the feeling that I am accomplishing something. I feel so creative when I blog. When my readers (not just my mama) tell me how much they love reading my posts and that a post speaks to them, well that just makes me feel like I need to write more. The feedback I get from my readers just fuels the fire in my little fingers to type away.


For you guys that do not know, I have a sister who is five years older than me and she has three precious little boys who I think are the most amazing children I have ever seen. Being an Aunt is a lot of fun. I can spoil the boys by giving them cake and candy and then send them back home!! When my first nephew was born I started a special kiss with my nephews. I lick my pointer finger and rub it on their forehead. Now that the oldest is seven our special kiss is not cool anymore. 




The love I have for those three little boys takes a big chunk of my heart. I cannot wait to have a couple babies of my own so my sisters can get a chance to spoil them rotten.


A couple of weeks ago I told you that I LOVE the industrial home d├ęcor trend that is hot right now… I have some of the baskets around my house, but I was not sure what to put in the baskets. Well…l I was in the GOODWILL the other day out thrift store shopping and came across SIX baskets of old records. The baskets were filled with lots of old gospel records…. not to interesting. Nothing against Gospel, but it might be a little strange to have Jesus sitting in a basket on my living room floor. Of course I started to dig through all the records. I found some very interesting records like: 

I found lots of old records that I fell in LOVE with. My pile just kept getting bigger. When I paid for all the records I only paid $3.00. The records look so good in the basket next to the entertainment center.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The best things in life are FREE….

     I never knew when Damon and I got married that our lives would be so busy. When we got married last July, Damon and I had a plan (here we go again with the plans….) that I would finish school while he worked and then we would trade off. While he went to school I would work (we just had to get married we could not live without each other). Well guess what? I am sure you can guess…the plan has not gone as intended. I finished school this past May and even though I am lifeguarding this summer, I have not had any prospects of a job for this coming school year. This means that Damon is still working three nights in a row twelve hour shifts and going to school full-time this summer and I am working at the city pool and a private pool. If you can just imagine our busy schedule Damon and I see each other on the fly. PLEASE do not think that I am complaining at all…I love Damon and I LOVE even more being his wife. The time we get to spend together just means so much more to us then just being with each other all the time. 

      With our busy schedules we do not have what most people consider a “date night”. Most days of the week we get the joy of carpooling together; I work while he is in class and then he comes back and picks me up and believe it or not these are our favorite times of the day. We begin our days together and we end our days together (most days). No matter how long you date your spouse when you get married you are basically marrying a stranger. With Damon and me dating, getting engaged and married all in one year the whole thing about marrying a stranger could not have been any truer for us. Getting to start our day together on a thirty minute commute to work/school gives us the opportunity to have wonderful conversations. It is so amazing what you can learn about your spouse just by asking fun and creative questions.The conversation on the way to and from school is better than any expensive date and it is absolutely free.

Here are some other ideas that are FREE that Damon and I do right in our own home:

1) Dance in the living room

2) Take walks with Hardy (our dog)

3) Go to bed together

4) Work in the yard together 

It is true, that the best things in life are FREE!!