Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bachelorette 7

The Bachelorette was in Prague this week.

Starting the show tonight Arie got the first solo date. The solo date revolved around the whole issue with Arie and the producer. Emily knew about it before the solo date and I feel like she played around with him during the causal part of the solo date. I wish Emily would have been more up front with Arie, like she was when Kalon called her daughter “baggage”.  

I do not believe that the whole issue with Arie knowing the producer was a big deal. They had a short relationship ten years ago and I felt he really did not feel like he was hiding it from her. I feel like this issue took a lot of the episode and it was not even that big of a deal. But I am really glad that Emily came to her senses and her feelings did not change towards Arie.  

During the formal part of Emily and Arie’s solo date…
I felt that Arie was being very honest when he dropped the “L” word on Emily.
 The next solo date was with John. Watching the whole date was just painful. The whole story about his ex-girlfriend was just a little crazy.
Back at the house Chris was going a little crazy about not being with Emily. I feel like he might have a little bit of a meltdown later.
Maybe all the guys are starting to go crazy… let’s take Sean, who was running around Prague shouting out Emily like a crazy man. I feel that Arie may have some competition with Sean. (Secretly I wish that Sean would not have found her.)
Ok guys, the whole group date was just as painful to watch as John’s solo date. Why not just pick Arie and be done with it….Haha!
On the group date Doug got sent home. Why didn’t she just send Doug home the night before at the rose ceremony?
Chris not getting the rose on the group date almost sent him over the edge.
The solo date with Jef was kind of ok. If the boy has to use a puppet to talk to her about his feelings what happens if they get married. Wait, I need to tell you something, but I do not have my puppet with me.
INTERRUPTION: DID ANYONE SEE EMILY’S SHOES ON THEIR DATE?? The shoes were so cute!! Black boots with tassels.
The whole laying on the floor in the library was just so romantic. I am a big fan that dates can be very romantic without making a big deal about it.  Being spontaneous is the best kind of romance.
Emily choosing to not have a cocktail party before the rose ceremony was a very smart move on her part. I’m not so sure it was good for Chris.  I thought he was going to have a mental breakdown right there during the rose ceremony.
Right before Chris was about to have a mental break down he interrupted Emily and they went and talked for a few minutes. When they came back to the rose ceremony Emily gave her last rose to Chris and John was sent home.

Next week: Emily goes home to visit the families of the four guys that are left. I am very excited and can’t wait to watch next week’s episode! 

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