Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The best things in life are FREE….

     I never knew when Damon and I got married that our lives would be so busy. When we got married last July, Damon and I had a plan (here we go again with the plans….) that I would finish school while he worked and then we would trade off. While he went to school I would work (we just had to get married we could not live without each other). Well guess what? I am sure you can guess…the plan has not gone as intended. I finished school this past May and even though I am lifeguarding this summer, I have not had any prospects of a job for this coming school year. This means that Damon is still working three nights in a row twelve hour shifts and going to school full-time this summer and I am working at the city pool and a private pool. If you can just imagine our busy schedule Damon and I see each other on the fly. PLEASE do not think that I am complaining at all…I love Damon and I LOVE even more being his wife. The time we get to spend together just means so much more to us then just being with each other all the time. 

      With our busy schedules we do not have what most people consider a “date night”. Most days of the week we get the joy of carpooling together; I work while he is in class and then he comes back and picks me up and believe it or not these are our favorite times of the day. We begin our days together and we end our days together (most days). No matter how long you date your spouse when you get married you are basically marrying a stranger. With Damon and me dating, getting engaged and married all in one year the whole thing about marrying a stranger could not have been any truer for us. Getting to start our day together on a thirty minute commute to work/school gives us the opportunity to have wonderful conversations. It is so amazing what you can learn about your spouse just by asking fun and creative questions.The conversation on the way to and from school is better than any expensive date and it is absolutely free.

Here are some other ideas that are FREE that Damon and I do right in our own home:

1) Dance in the living room

2) Take walks with Hardy (our dog)

3) Go to bed together

4) Work in the yard together 

It is true, that the best things in life are FREE!!

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