Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finding Out Who You Are

        The older I get the more and more I discover WHO I AM and what I TRULY want out of life. Ok, let’s back this up about six years ago…When I was a junior in high school I had a complete plan for every area of my life. The five year plan is what I called it. Yes, I even named the plan for my life. EVERYONE told me to be flexible, but that word was not even in my vocabulary. I had college figured out and I was dating someone serious at the time and I just knew we were going to get married. All I needed was the years to pass so I could start the life that I had ALL planed out for myself. I had life all figured out……STOP, CRASH and BURN!!! Reality hit me hard. What I had planned for my life did not match what God had for me.  

      The only aspect of my five year plan that worked out the way I had planned was to finish school with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood. Nothing else went according to plan.

     In about a two year time span, right in the middle of MY FIVE year plan I had three life changing events occur that not only redirected my LIFE plan, but opened my eyes to the world around me.
     After making it through all three events with Gods strength, peace and mercy I finally realized that life is too short not to be living it to the fullest. While waiting to complete my five year plan I was not living life. I had let so much of my life pass me by because I was waiting on everything to be perfect.

     Thinking back over all the time I wasted wanting life to be perfect makes me kind of sad, but I will not dwell on the past because the LIFE I live now is more then I could have ever imagined. God knew just what I needed; a husband who is very carefree and easy going and we completely balance each other.
      The advice I give to you is; discover who you are all along the way, do not let LIFE changing events wake you up and realize that life is too precious to waste.

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