Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guest Writer-Bachelorette Episode 4

     Ok guys I completely missed the Bachelorette last night and had to call my friend to get the play by play of the show last night. While talking with her on the phone I began to wonder how I was going to blog about a show that I completely missed (I mean the whole two hours). Then all of a sudden it HIT me like a ton of bricks…have her be a guest writer and have her write the blog about the Bachelorette. So…I asked and she said YES!! 

      With all that being said…. I would all like you to meet my best friend Tori!! She has been an excellent friend and we have created so many memories together. God put us together at just the right time and oh, have we shared many tears and laughs together.

      Hi! I am Tori and I am so honored to be Abby’s guest writer on her blog! We have been best friends for several years now and I am so excited about her blog because I know she has spent endless hours searching out blogs and how to find her niche in the blogging world. Well this is not a post about Abby but a post about last night’s Bachelorette. Like Abby, I have not watched the Bachelor or Bachelorette in several years but I got hooked on this single mother trying to find true love. Now onto last night’s recap!

      Things are starting to heat up with only thirteen guys left. All the guys and Emily went to Barbados for the week to have fun in the sun. I missed the first thirty minutes of the episode but from what I could gather, Doug, single parent of a twelve year old son, had a one-on-one date with Emily. The date must have gone well because he received a rose at the end of the date. This made me really excited because Doug is one of my favorites on the show.

     I started watching as eight guys were split up into two groups to compete for a group date. The red team consisted of: Sean, Charlie, Chris, and Travis and the yellow team consisted of: Ryan, Aerie, Kalon and Jef. The teams had to sail a boat toward Emily. The first one to her won. The yellow team won the competition and had an intimate group date with Emily. Aerie was first up for time alone with Emily and they talked about their good connection. I really like Aerie because it seems like they have a good connection and he is mature. Jef had alone time with Emily and he started opening up more to her. He told her he was a pro at group dates! (I’m hoping he’ll have a one-on-one date next week because he seems fun). She said she was hoping for a kiss but he didn‘t! Ryan was the last alone time of the show. He talked about how God created her the way she was and she should stay that way. At the start of the season, I was fan of Ryan because he was from Augusta, GA and I thought that was so cool that he was from Georgia but as the season progresses, I do not like him. He is cocky and does not seem like he is in it for Emily but for himself. The group date ended with Jef receiving the rose. Yay!

      The next part of the episode was a two on one date between John “Wolfe”, Nate and Emily. They traveled to the Bermuda triangle and cliff dived. Then they went to eat in a cave for their night date. The date was going weird because she couldn’t talk to one guy without leaving the other one out. She realized she needed to get alone with the guys separately in order to make her decision on who was going to stay and who would go. After time alone with each guy, Emily gave the rose to John “Wolfe” and Nate went home. He was a complete gentleman and said nothing negative about her.

     As the two-on-one date was happening, the other guys at the hotel had a discussion on maturity. They discussed how much you grow as a person from 25-30. Some of the younger guys were upset with the discussion because they felt they were mature. This discussion was brought back up right before the rose ceremony. Chris, 25, confronted Doug, 33, about him being too humble and not being as mature as himself. Doug was blindsided and was trying to tell Chris how much he matured from 25-30 and that was all the discussion was about. Chris left the discussion with nothing solved.

     The night ended with Emily’s hard decision of sending home Charlie and Michael. Make sure to tune in next week on ABC at 8:00 p.m. for the Bachelorette! Next week’s preview: one of the guys says something about Ricky, Emily’s daughter, and she sends them packing! 

     I also want to thank Abby for asking me to be her guest writer! Yay for more posts!

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