Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I See London-Bachelorette 5

This week’s Bachelorette was filmed in London. 

      What about that date with Emily and Sean? The date was so romantic, ended with a rose and a big Kiss!. Even though it looked great on TV, I really just didn’t get the feeling that there was a spark between the two of them. Yes, Sean might be tall, blonde and handsome, have amazing teeth and yes, they would make beautiful blonde babies together, but I just don’t think he is the one for her.

     How funny was the group date? No one really knew how to act out Shakespeare. Of course Kalon was so full of himself the whole time and he was so rude to Emily during rehearsal. Travis stepped into the spot light by just being himself during the whole group date. The staged kiss between Ryan and Emily was really smooth on Ryan’s part, but a little over confident. The group date was not all that exciting and I really got bored watching it.

     My favorite (not going to try and hide it) Arie had a hard time playing the nurse role during the play, but OH MY Goodness, when they got back to the bar Ari and Emily had some magic moments! I hope that Emily likes Arie as much as I do. I hope she will keep him on the show. When Ryan got some time alone with Emily on the group date he took her back behind these curtains….. a little creepy…., but Ryan gave Emily such a beautiful turquoise necklace, which sucked her right back into his Southern over confident charm. 

     In the bar while still on the group date the boys cornered Kalon about the trash he was talking about Ricky and Emily. Kalon made reference to Ricky as being “baggage”. Emily tried to handle the news gracefully, but Emily did what any mother should do and confronted him face to face. The next thing I know she is ready to rip Kalon’s head off. 

     I am so proud of the way Emily stood up to Kalon and the rat that he is. I am so glad that he is off the show. This whole thing with Kalon has now made her second guess about all the other guys who are still on the show. 

      The next single date was with Jef. (I feel like he has been flying under the radar). This little etiquette lady was clearly making the date not so romantic. Jef was so sweet with the analogy that if Ricky was “baggage”, then she was a very wonderful cute bag maybe a vintage Louis Vuitton bag. I totally agree with Emily that Jef needs to be seen and heard. Flying under the radar might just back fire on him though. Watching them together you can see how physically attracted to each other they are, but looks and physical attraction are not enough to be a husband and father. 

      At the rose ceremony I believe Emily made the right decision to get rid of Alejandro. We do not even know much about him and has really been in the background the whole season. If you want to make it you need to step out and be bold right off the bat and be seen. On the other hand I don’t agree with Emily messing with Arie by giving him the last rose. I clearly think she was punishing him a little for not being more vocal and “having her back” during the Kalon incident. 

I hope next week is a little more exciting. Tonight’s episode was not a big attention grabber.   

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