Tuesday, June 19, 2012

LOVE Takes Bravery-Bachelorette 6

The Bachelorette this week was filmed in Croatia.

Every Monday night I watch the Bachelorette for several reasons: One because I really enjoy watching the show and two, I really enjoy posting a blog on Tuesday that keeps everyone informed on what is happening, even if they are not watching.

I do not understand why some people are not watching the show. It is getting super good!!

Instead of watching the show at my parent’s house (long story why I am at my parent’s house) we were down at my grandparent’s house when it was time to watch the show so we turned it on. This made the show more interesting because we had to explain what was going on and why she was dating all these different guys. My Mema watched with us and was interested, but my Papa on the other hand was just playing his hand held solitaire game only looking up to throw in his very funny comments. 

OK, let’s start with the dating. Travis got the first solo date of the night. The whole date stayed in the “friend zone”. There was no sparks, no chemistry and not enough of anything to keep him on the show. Travis was crushed when Emily sent him home. I just simply believe that Travis was still not over the girl he was last engaged to. While Emily and Travis were talking he told her that he had not dated anyone for the past two years since his engagement was called off and that sent up a red flag to Emily that something was not quite right with him. If she would have ended up with him I believe that he would have turned into clingy Travis.
Then came the group date where the guys and Emily went and watched the new Disney Pixar’s “Brave” (I cannot wait until this movie comes out). Then the guys branded kilts and participated in their own brand of highland games. When I saw Emily pick up the kilts my first thought was that I hope that no one went commando today! At the end of the highland games Chris won the Bravery cup and spent some alone time with Emily. 

When the group date went from casual to formal all I could pay attention to was how cute Emily’s little black sparkly dress was with the back cut out. Whoever dresses her for the shows does such a good job. The other thing that caught my attention was when Jef and Emily were spending alone time together the wind was blowing his hair all around and he looked like some type of crazy bird. 

Here we go again….. every time Arie and Emily spend any time together they have some very HOT and STEAMY kisses. You would think with those kisses that they share she would have given Arie the rose on the group date not Chris.  I do not agree with that decision at all. 

Before I get started on Ryan’s solo date… While we were watching the show, my papa looks up and says “that boy looks like a possum”. HAHA Then he went back to playing his game. Love it! 

The next solo date went to Ryan. All the guys have begun to turn on Ryan. Emily and Ryan went on a road trip to an oyster farm.  While they were on their picnic Ryan kept calling her a “trophy wife” and she commented “trophies do not talk back”. The whole time I got the feeling she was not feeling him at all. Then when they were at dinner he pulls out some crazy list about what he is looking for in a wife/family….. bad idea. I completely feel that Ryan is just trying to conquer her, just to win the prize. Emily finally gives Ryan the axe and sends him home.  But not before he tries to manipulate and badger Emily and tells her that she is making the wrong decision. Meanwhile, the guys back at the house, were speculating that he might be the next Bachelor. Oh gosh, I hope not!!

Arie (which is still my favorite) sneaks out to chat with Emily and they of course starting getting HOT and STEAMY again. 

The rose ceremony at the end was a nail bitter. I was sure when she walked out that she was going to send both Doug and John home, but to my surprise she kept both of the guys for another week.

NEXT WEEK: I am so excited because my favorite Arie has a big secret coming out. Something along the lines of how he used to date the producer of the show….Hope that you will watch next week. If not just catch my blog on Tuesday.

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