Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bachelorette 8- Hometown Dates

Oh My Goodness, last night’s episode of the Bachelorette was a nail biter!! When I finished watching last night’s episode I had changed my mind on which guy was my favorite of the one’s that were left on the show.  I was so confused about Emily’s feelings about anything or anyone. Last night’s episode was all about meeting the guy’s families in their hometowns. I can remember meeting my husband’s family for the first time. It was just about the whole family. I met his parents, sister, brother, brothers new wife to be, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmamma. Talking about stress! To make matters worse, this was all on our kind of first date. We spent the whole day at the lake with his family. My husband’s motto was if you do not get along with the family he is not wasting his time. No stress at all…..Not! I was so nervous. I cannot imagine meeting four families all in one week. Talk about stress overload.

OK, back to the Bachelorette…..

The first hometown date was with Chris in Chicago. Chris showed her the city and then took her to a local Polish restaurant giving her a taste of his heritage. Chris’s family is very tight and neat and Emily feels very conformable with them. The whole family talks with Emily about being worried that Chris is going to get his heartbroken. The whole date was very boring. No sparks, no passion and I did not feel like she clicked with them at all. Maybe his family could feel that they were just not that into each other. 

Next we come to Jef’s date in Utah. After watching Jef on the show I would have never guessed he lived on a ranch. Surprise! Emily seemed to be surprised about his country boy appeal. Both Jef and Emily know how to handle a gun. They shot targets and toured the ranch together before meeting his family. Emily only meets Jef’s siblings because his parents are in South Carolina doing charity work. The siblings seemed to really like her. When that little girl climbed up in her lap, it just melted my heart. Jef’s brother, on the other hand, was very strange acting. I got the feeling that he does not believe in the whole falling in love so fast kind of thing. Well, I am a firm believer in falling in LOVE fast. (My husband and I dated, got in engaged and married all in one year. I would not have had it any other way.) At the end of the date Jef read Emily the most amazing letter ever. So romantic!!! 

The third date went to Arie in Arizona. Arie is a professional race car driver, so of course their date started at the race track. After they leave the racetrack Arie becomes very anxious about Emily meeting his family. Arie explains that his family is very European and with Emily being so Southern and all American they may clash. Arie also lets Emily know that his mother is very skeptical of the whole thing. (Nice way to freak her out before taking her home.) When Arie’s family starts speaking Dutch in front of Emily she had this look on her face like get me out of here. The whole date felt like a train wreck that you could not look away from until the mother asked to chat with her alone. In the end the date was ok but not my favorite. Arie’s family knocked him out of my #1 spot. I could not imagine being married into that family. 

The final date was with Sean in Dallas. The date started off so causal at the park with the dogs. How cute! Sean and Emily head back to his house to meet his family and oh my goodness talking about the cutest little family… Sean and his family are adorable. I could see Emily and Ricky spending lots of time with Sean’s family. I honestly believe that Sean’s family would love Emily and Ricky and accept them totally as one of their own. Sean’s family reminded me of my own in-laws. Emily could only be so lucky to have in-laws like mine.  When it was time to leave, Sean put Emily in the car and then ran after her for one more kiss…heart melt. 

After going on all four hometown dates Emily had to make a decision at the rose ceremony. Emily decided not to give Chris the rose. Best decision of the night! Chris was such a jerk to her when he did not get a rose. 

NEXT WEEK: Emily and the three remaining guys are headed to Curacao. The show is almost over and I am getting so excited to see who Emily picks in the end. I am going to step out there and say that she picks Sean in the end.  

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