Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bachelorette 9

 Hello again! I am once again honored and excited to be a guest writer for Abby’s blog.

 It has been a week since last week’s hometown dates on the bachelorette and we are now down to three guys, Sean (my favorite), Arie, and Jef. Emily and her last remaining men traveled to Curacao in last night’s episode. Well onto the episode….

 This is the last episode before the finale next week. The episode started with recaps of the three remaining men: Sean, Jef, and Arie and their relationship with Emily from the previous episodes and then went into the one-on-one dates with all three guys.

Sean had the first one-on-one date where they went on a helicopter ride around the island and went snorkeling on a private beach. Sean opened up to Emily and told her about his past relationship with a girl whom he loved but was not in love with her. Emily was glad he opened up to her. Sean started to tell Emily he loved her while they were talking on the beach but he stopped himself short and told her he was glad he was there with her and he was crazy about her. Emily said in her interview, she knew it was going to take more time for Sean to say he loved her but she was hoping it would happen at dinner because she just wanted to hear it from him. Emily planned a romantic dinner for her and Sean on the beach. Emily kept hoping throughout the date that Sean was going to tell her he loved her. He kept telling her his feelings about her without telling her he loved her. Sean wrote Ricki a sweet letter telling her how much he loved Emily and wanted to be a part of her life. In the letter, he told Ricki that he would never try to replace her father, but would love to be a part of her life and to be the father figure for her. After telling her his feelings over and over again, Sean finally told her he loved her. She was ecstatic and gave Sean the fantasy suite date card, which he accepted. They spent the remaining part of their day relaxing in the pool at the suite. Just as I thought he was going to stay the night, she asked him to leave because she wanted to be a good role model for her daughter and stick to her morals and as much as she wanted to spend the rest of the night with him, she knew how she felt about him. 

Jef had the next one-on-one date. Jef and Emily went exploring around the island on their own private boat. They had a great time and Jef told her that he talked to his parents and they were shocked to hear how well it was going. Emily was happy to hear this because she had doubts about how his parents would be towards her and this experience. Jef and Emily swam in the ocean and just spent time together in the water and on the boat. They went to dinner, where things started heating up when Jef had questions to ask Emily. Jef asked 

Emily three questions:
1.       If you see us being together after this, where would you want to live?
Emily loved the idea of starting a new life together and she is willing to move where he was. He said he liked the idea of them going someplace where they all have to start over and depend on each other.
2.       You attract amazing guys, why hasn’t it worked out with them?
She said she went on several dates but never felt connected with the guys. They were all just missing something. His response to the same question was, he hasn’t seen the end with anyone else but with Emily. He sees himself with her and he is crazy about her.
3.       Do you think I am a good fit for Ricki? For being a dad?
She said she could picture him with her when she was making lunch for Ricki before hometown dates. (This made him happy that she was dreaming about him apart from being with him.)

He did not take the fantasy suite because he had respect for her, Ricki and for both their families. He said “there is a time and place for everything but right now, it is time to bridle these passions.” (This melted my heart and moved Jef to my favorite guy). Emily was sad to hear this because she wanted to turn him down. She said he told her everything she was going to tell him about why she wouldn’t stay. He was a complete gentleman and it melted her heart. They ended up going to the suite just to spend more time together and he left after a few hours.

The final one-on-one date went to Arie. Emily and Arie went swimming with dolphins where she was a little scared but he protected her. She said it felt good to know he was so protective over her because she knew he would be a protective father. After the swim, they spent time on the boat talking very little and kissing the rest. Emily said it is no secret she loves to kiss him and it is going to be hard to let him go tonight after the fantasy suite date. Going into the dinner, Emily wanted to know more about Arie’s everyday life. She knew she had the physical chemistry but she wanted to know more about him. Their dinner date talk was just asking questions about each other’s everyday lives. He asked her, “Where do you picture us, where do you want us to live?” She told him she would move, if that is where he wanted to be. It is whatever is best for Ricki. He also asked her what she sees in a father for Ricki and she wants him to love her no matter what. Arie said he thinks he should be her friend and allow the relationship to be built and then go into the father role. She loved his answer and knows he gets how to be a father. She told him, he has been the light at the end of the tunnel for her. She didn’t give Arie the fantasy suite card because she doesn’t trust herself with him. e

It all came down to a very emotional, last rose ceremony. I absolutely could not read Emily during the rose ceremony. I didn’t know who she was going to send home. All the dates have come to an end and now it was time for her to make her choice. She struggled with her decision because they were all three great guys and they formed a special place in her heart. She started off the rose ceremony, talking with Chris, the host. He asked her if she is had clarity and she said no. She also, said she has followed her heart up till this point and she is worried about sending home the right guy but she has to follow her heart. She is looking for a good blend between her, Ricki and the right guy and she sees it in all of them. She is hoping tomorrow morning, that she made the right choice. Chris told her the guys videoed a message to her privately for her to watch before the rose ceremony. All three videos were sweet and heart felt. The first rose went to: Jef. The last rose went to: Arie. Sean went home. I was crushed to see Sean go home because he has been my favorite through the whole show, but she made her choice. He was kind to her in their moments of saying goodbye and was a gentleman till the end. I was upset because I wanted it to be Jef and Sean in the end.

Tune in next week for the reunion show with all the past guys: Ryan, Kalon, Chris and Sean and many more. The finale is on Sunday July 22, 2012 with a live interview after the episode.

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