Monday, July 23, 2012

Bachelorette Finale

Wow what a night! Tonight was the season finale of the Bachelorette with Emily Maynard.

Tonight was the night that Jef and Arie met Emily’s parents and had their final date together. After Emily’s family met both guys they were very confused on which guy that Emily should choose as well as Emily. 

Emily went on her final date with Jef, which was very sweet. Before the end of the causal part of the date Emily decided to let Jef meet little Ricki. When Emily introduced Jef to Ricki it went so well. They seemed to really hit it off together. The more formal part of the date went just as well as the first part of the date. While watching the formal date Emily was playing with her hair and was acting very flirty with Jef, which was a good sign. 

Little did we know that Emily would not go on her last date with Arie. Emily sent Arie home without even going on a complete date with him. Earlier in the show Emily spoke with Chris (the host) and decided that it would not be fair for her to go on a date with Arie and not be totally present on the date. So Emily met with Arie and sent him home. 

Then came the proposal ….Jef came out still not knowing that Arie had been sent home. Emily and Jef spoke to each other so kind and loving to each other. The whole proposal was so romantic. Of course Emily said YES

How about at the end when Emily and Jef was getting ready to leave and Ricki came running out…HOW CUTE! I am really happy for both Emily and Jef and hope that everything works out just the way they want. May all their dreams come true together! 

And that my friends, is a recap of the Bachelorette Finale!


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  2. I can totally see them being so happy and actually lasting. Can't you? I found your blog through Sammantha! I am your new follower (and excited!)

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