Monday, July 16, 2012

If You Really Knew Me….

 I saw this on The Vintage Apple the other day and I had to do it myself!
Right before Damon and I got engaged

If you really knew me:

*You’d know I am a morning person. Well once I get up out of the bed, then there is no turning back.
*You’d know I adore my husband.
*You’d know when taking a test I start at the last question and then move backwards. I do the same thing with lists; I start at the bottom of the list and then read up.
*You’d know I have no filter between my brain and mouth. Whatever comes to my mind I speak it. 
*You’d know I sleep with one foot out of the covers.
*You’d know when I get really sleepy I start to rub my feet together or rub my eyes.
*You’d know I have really bad problems with anxiety.
*You’d know I am still afraid to flush the toilet at night, because someone might get me.
*You’d know sea turtles are my favorite animal.
*You’d know I only wear one contact.
*You’d know I am a bargain shopper.
*You’d know I get my feelings hurt really easy, but you will never know. 
*You’d know I don’t watch horror movies. 
*You’d know that I want to live in the city. 

If I really knew you…what would I know?

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