Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things I LOVE Thursday….

Today is Thursday and that means things I LOVE Thursday! I have been racking my brain to find things that I have just fallen in LOVE this week. I finally decided that this week’s Things I LOVE Thursday would consist of things that you can get absolutely FREE!

Sleeping in a bed with fresh sheets

After you spend ten minutes wrestling with the elastic form fitting bottom sheet, tucking the top sheet tightly into the mattress, trying to find pillow cases that match and then squeezing and shaking your pillows in the cases…… You can finally dive right into the fresh laundry smelling sheets. Something about crawling into a bed with fresh sheets makes you feel awesome! 


How amazing that God gave us humans the chance to live on his wonderful creation!

Getting caught in the rain and you just don’t care

When the sky splits and the clouds crack everyone scurries for cover; But every once in a while, don’t run for cover. That is what makes it great! When rain starts pouring and you just stop caring altogether. That moment when soaked shoes, rain hair and being chilled to the bone mean nothing. As you stand in the rain twirling in your beautifully wet moment of Awesome

Take some time to stop and enjoy the small and simple things in life!

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