Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Truth or Dare Tuesday-2

Today is Tuesday and you know what that means…Truth or Dare Tuesday with Jade over at An Organized Mess

This week's prompts:

Truth: Have you ever stolen anything? If so, what?

Dare: Post a photo of yourself taken first thing in the morning right after waking up. 

I really wanted to do DARE this Tuesday, but this morning I jumped out of bed throwing on my bathing suit and flying to work, because I turned off the alarm clock. OOPS!

So I guess I will do truth again this week…

The answer to the question is yes. I have stolen something and that something would be KEYS. Yes you read right I used to steal keys from hardware stores. When I was about eight or nine my parents were building the house that I grew up in. That meant we spent lots of time in hardware stores. Ok, well you know the blank keys you can get made? I would stick a couple in my pocket and when it was time to check out I would walk to the exit and throw the keys out the door and watch where the keys landed. If the alarm did not go off I would go out the door and pick up the keys. I was not sure what made the alarms go off when I was little so that is the reason for throwing them out the door. Not really sure what my deal was with keys at the time, but now I cannot even keep up with my car keys. 



  1. Stealing keys? Too funny! I love it. Thanks for linking up girl! :)

  2. That is so funny!! What did you do with them later? I would crack up if you have a shoebox full of blank keys under your bed or in the closet.

  3. No, I do not have a shoebox full of keys and I have no clue what happened to them all. :)