Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Truth or Dare

Hello Readers!! 

This is a very exciting post. I am linking up with JadeKB and Erin for Truth or Dare Tuesdays!! 

 This week's prompts are:

Truth: Have you ever cheated on anything - a test, a boyfriend, etc.?
Dare: Post a photo or video of yourself face dancing.

Today I have picked Truth. The answer is YES I have cheated. I am a bad cheater when it comes to playing card games. Whatever I can do to see your hand of cards I am going to do. The people I play cards with usually do not know that I am looking at their cards at all. It makes me laugh, because I feel like I am getting away with something. 

Well I guess that cat is out of the bag now. Nobody will want to play cards with me anymore! 

But yes, I have cheated on a boyfriend and a math test. Not proud of either one. I felt so guilty about both that I had to pray through. Neither the teacher nor boyfriend knows about this. 


  1. Thanks for linking up girl!!! :)

  2. Haha cute! I, sadly, cheat a lot during cards. I've gotten better though... Now I try to keep my boyfriend honest! We place a game called Presidents and A-holes and he and a few of our other friends always switch cards to try to win... grr :P

    1. At the beginning of the game I try to stay honest, but then I lose. I am so competitive that I can’t resist looking at other peoples cards!

  3. You're not the only one! Haha Thanks for linking up! Hope you'll do so next week too. :)

    1. Glad to hear that I am not the only one!! I can't wait to link up again next week. A Truth or Dare link up is such a cute idea!! :)