Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Words of Wisdom…

Hi readers, 

I am sorry that I have missed many posts since last Tuesday, but after you read today’s post I hope that you will understand. 

Not sure where to even begin…

I have been a blog reader for years now and about a year ago I started talking about writing my own blog.

One night Damon and I were eating supper with his mom and dad when Damon brought up the discussion about my desire to start my own blog. I was kind of embarrassed because it was not something that I really wanted people to know; however, I started talking with my in-laws about why I wanted to blog and what kind of things I would blog about. Later that night after the dishes where done I sat down next to my father in law for one of our many after dinner talks. Mr. Mike (Damon’s dad) brought up the idea of me starting my own blog again. He gave me such encouragement and told me to try it.  After all, what was I going to lose?  Several months later I started up Pink Lemonade!!

That story may not sound like a GREAT story or nothing to write home about, but that was only one of the many times that Mr. Mike encouraged me. Many years before I came to be a part of the Clayton family Mr. Mike was diagnosed with cancer. Mr. Mike was always positive and gave wonderful words of encouragement. When I was having a bad day I knew that if we talked that he would have words of wisdom to help me turn my day right around. He never let his diagnosis change his attitude or outlook on life.  His main concern was always about “you” or what you were involved in.  He never focused on his situation or how he was feeling.  

Last summer I had to take a couple of classes to finish my bachelor’s degree. One of the classes I had to complete was grammar, which is not my strongest area. In the class we had to take a test and pass it in order to pass the class. No matter what our other grades looked like we had to pass that test or fail the class. The class was four days long…HORRIBLE! The day came to take the test and I did what I could and then placed the test on the teacher’s desk. On the way to Damon’s parent’s house I knew that I had failed that class which would put me behind and I would not be on track for student teaching. I walked in the door and Mr. Mike was sitting there. He looked at me and immediately knew that something was wrong. I started to cry and just poured my drama out on him. He took my hand and began to pray for the Lord to give me peace about the test and if I failed there was a reason. I felt so much better after he prayed for me that day. (I passed the test

There are many more stories that I could share with you guys about how unselfish my father in law was and how positive he was even when he was having a bad day or the cancer was getting the best of him. But…. There is not enough time or words to describe how his kindness and words of wisdom meant to me and how much it impacted my life.   
This past Thursday Mr. Mike went home to meet our Lord. The last couple of days have been very sad, but something that I have learned from my father in law is to be positive because the storm I am going through is not the end of the world. There will be a huge void in our lives now that he has moved to his new home in heaven, but his legacy will live on in our hearts and in his children and in future generations.


  1. Oh, Abby, I'm so sorry for your family's loss. I'm glad you have such wonderful memories to help you at this time. Y'all are in my prayers. xoxo

  2. Oh snap abbone! You spoke the truth to that! I got plenty of stories myself :) it always made me feel good to talk to big dawg! Mon and I are here if y'all need us, we love y'all!