Wednesday, August 8, 2012

His/Her Questions

At the end of July Damon and I celebrated our first anniversary of being married. Yay! We both got really busy with school and life and I couldn’t pin him down to answer these questions.  So I missed posting these his/her questions last week. I figured better late than never. 

Damon’s answers to his question are 100% real. Well almost 100% real….. I saved you guys some of the unfiltered answers. For example:  all triple X comments. 

After reading through all the questions and answers I laughed out loud just realizing how different men and women are. I hope you guys enjoy all the questions!  Maybe this will encourage you guys to ask more questions in your relationship and help you discover more about your significant other.

 Here we go….

Left: Damon and I senior year in economics - Right: Damon and I now 

1. When was the first time you realized you liked each other?

His: In high school we had an economics class together senior year. (We graduated together in 2007)
Her: The end of February 2010 when he randomly started texting me.  I do not even know how he got my number.

2. What superpower would you want if you could choose any?

His: Umm….Caption America’s superpower.
Her: I would want to have the ability to read minds. When I ask Damon a question I would like to know what he is thinking before he answers.

3. What was your favorite memory from the past year?

His: This past Fourth of July when we visited the Flint River Aquarium. It was not the place just us being together going on a new adventure.
Her:  6:00 a.m.! Since we have been married, three nights a week Damon works night shift. When 6:00 a.m. rolls around, Damon gets off work and heads home. I hate that we spend three nights apart, but when he gets home we get to start are day with pillow talk, laughing and snuggling!

4. What is one thing you learned about your other half after you got married?

His: That every time you fart, you laugh. No, I learned that you have WAY more clothes then I ever imagined.
Her: I have learned that he is really messy. He believes that he has an organized mess, but I am not feeling that definition of his areas in our house.
5. What is your favorite thing about the other person?

His: Just the random things you do. When I wake you up and ask you a question you throw your hands up in front of your face like a possum that is scared.
Her: My favorite thing about Damon would have to be his ability to make me laugh no matter what. In the morning he gets up singing and dancing and I love watching him when he doesn’t  know that I am watching. It makes me laugh. 

6. What is your time frame for starting a family?

His: I would rather be expecting now, but this coming January.
Her: I have no clue on a time frame, but when the time is right we will know.

7. If you just scored $50.00, what would you spend it on?

His: GAS (that’s all he said no explanation)
Her: My first thought would be something new for fall. But then my minds starts thinking smart and I would spend it on either gas or food. 

8. What item does he/she find hard to share with the other person?

His: My girlfriend pillow (Side note: Damon has this really old pillow that is almost flat and it is so comfortable we fight over it in the bed. When he gets the pillow he holds on to the pillow like he was holding on to a girlfriend or something.)
Her: The hardest thing for me to share with Damon is covers. I am always cold and he wants to get under the covers with me. He ends up stealing all the covers and then I have to get another cover. 

9. What is your idea of a truly romantic evening?

His: Making stir-fry and a glass of wine (I will not write what else just came out of his mouth) 
Her: A truly romantic evening to me would be just Damon and I simply sitting together and talking about everything over a nice quite dinner at home. 

10. What do you think will happen within the next year of marriage?

His:  For love that we have to mature into something that we can only imagine. With my fingers crossed whether it is next year or not, for our family to grow. For some good luck!
Her:  In the next year of marriage I hope that Damon and I grow deeper in love with each other. I hope that our next year of marriage brings more adventure for the two of us. At the end of our next married year I hope to look back and say I love where our journey has taken us so far. 

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