Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things I LOVE Thursday….

Happy Thursday everyone! Tomorrow is Friday and we all know what that means…Only one more day until the weekend. 

Side Note: While I am writing today’s post the back side of my house is under construction. We are getting new windows and new outside boards for the house so it is kind of loud. Just thought you might like to know! I am excited!! 

I am also excited about Saturday! A lot of my family is getting together to celebrate birthdays and we are also having a house warming party for my sisters new house! Yay! It will be party time this weekend. 

Ok well let me get to all the wonderful things that I LOVE this week. We all know that Fall is just around the corner and I am sure that everyone is ready for some cooler weather. It has been one hot Summer.
Last night while I was at Target I bought some new Fall clothing articles. The new fall clothes I bought last night are the inspiration behind today’s Things I LOVE Thursday….

Here are the pieces I bought last night.

Autumn Leaves

Were I live we do not always get a “real” Fall or a lot of Autumn Leaves, but when we get them we are so excited that you would have thought we had just won the lottery. But on the other hand I love when the leaves start to turn and the air starts to get crisp. It is such a beautiful time of the year. 


 Without a doubt when the weather starts to get crisp and the leaves being to change colors something happens to this small town I live in and that something would be called football. The town becomes crazy about football. Every house you walk into has football on the TV. The local store windows will be painted for the home team and tailgates will be down loaded with food and beer. You wouldn’t believe what a little bit of pig skin will do to a town. 


  1. I love that Cardigan Abby! And the football... idk what it's really called... painting?! LOL I never even watched football until I met my hubby and now I love it!

    Fall = nice weather, football, and beautiful scenery!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  2. Hey Shar,
    I cheered all through High School so football is second nature to me. But your right after I married my husband we are always at games and it is always on our television at home.

    Thank you for your comment it means a lot!!

  3. I'm so ready for Fall. We were able to get a cooler weather today. Low 60's and raining!!!

  4. Hi there! I'm following you from the Return the Favor blog hop. Stop by and visit soon.
    xo Sandra

  5. I love your new fall finds!! I need to do some Fall clothes shopping myself!

    1. The best part of all three items that I purchased the other night was that all three were on SALE!! The shirt was $9 the scarf was $6 and the sweater was $15.

  6. Oh man! As if i'm not already dying for fall to get here you just made me want it here even MORE. Love the mustard cardigan, too cute! So glad I ran into your blog. Looking forward to following!

  7. Girl after my own heart! I LOVE fall and am getting so excited for it! Football season... whoot!
    Newest follower, by the way :)
    Of Thoughts and Things