Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things I LOVE Thursday...back to school edition

For many of you and/or your kiddos, school is going to start in just a couple of days. Maybe for some it already has and getting back into the swing of school days might be kicking your butt. So, to get the back to school festivities started, today’s Things I LOVE Thursday is all about going back to school. 

I hope this will at least get you a little more motivated about getting back in the routine of bedtimes, waking up early and homework.  

Each year as your sweet baby starts a new grade take a picture to have as a keep sake.

 At the beginning of the year it is always a nice suggestion to bring the teacher a sweet gift.

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For the teachers who read my blog here are some cute ideas for your classroom and your new students.

If all else fails just host an awesome back to school party

Hope everyone has a wonderful school year!!


  1. I love this post!! It gave me such inspiration for my classroom! You need to help make me a wreath for my door!!! I need ideas! :)

  2. this post, but it also makes me sad/nervous since I, once again, don't have a job yet. :( [I taught first grade this past year, but due to a one year contract, I didn't get to keep my job at the end of the school year.] Fingers crossed for something soon though so I can look back at these fun ideas! :)

  3. Thanks Abbey! I know all about being sad/nervous. I graduated this past May and have not found a job yet for this coming year. School starts back in a couple of days so the window of opportunity for me is closing really fast.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, Good Luck!

  4. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you as well! I didn't get hired this past school year until after school had already started [a month already in...!], so it made things super difficult and made for a super hard year having been my first year. I hope something comes up for both of us...soon!

  5. My babies start back to school today :)
    I love all of these wonderful ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
    Stopping by and following from the MNB link up, I'd love a follow back :)

    Anna @

  6. Love all the great back to school ideas! Really like the chalkboard "I'm a second grader" idea - might have to start that with my kiddos. Stopping by form the hop and excited to follow and see what else I'm inspired with :)

  7. I love that chalkboard. Where did you get it! What a great idea. My oldest is starting preschool in a few weeks. What a perfect time to start.

    Following from the MNB hop. Love for you to stop by and return the follow. I am hosting Mom's Monday Mingle now. Feel free to link up. Love to have you ;)

  8. oh great! 10 more projects to add to my "I want to do this" list. haha. thanks :)